Working with Atmos

Atmos is the only full-service alternative daily cover (ADC) and odor neutralization provider for solid waste landfills, transfer stations and environmental remediation sites across North America.

Flexible solutions from Atmos Technologies can help simplify your operations, meet all of your challenges associated with daily cover, eliminate fugitive odors and emissions at the source and keep your operations compliant.

Who we help and how

Solid waste landfill managers and environmental remediation teams seek help from Atmos Technologies when:

  • The labor and operational costs associated with daily cover equipment are too high
  • Available airspace is dwindling and they need to save space
  • Topsoil is scarce or difficult to source
  • Neighbors or other community stakeholders lodge frequent odor complaints
  • They face enforcement action or notices of violation (NOVs) stemming from fugitive odors, emissions or dust
  • They need a community advocate during the site permit application process

Our process

A daily cover or odor control solution must work for you. That’s why we take a diagnostic approach:


Our teams go on-site and into the community to understand the full scope of your challenge. As necessary, we’ll perform air modeling and topography studies to learn the specific site odor and emission patterns.


We don’t sell stuff, we solve problems. The daily cover, odor neutralization and dust mitigation programs we develop are tailor-made to address the unique circumstances at each individual site.


Our team of service technicians installs our equipment, provides all service and required maintenance and carefully trains your operators on the use and handling of our systems. Implementation packages always consider equipment maintenance, product replenishment schedules and temperature-controlled bulk storage solutions. And, we bear the burden of equipment ownership to keep your finances flexible.


Atmos has the largest landfill and remediation field service team in the industry. Our professional technicians visit early and often to answer questions, discuss new solutions and perform routine equipment maintenance. Our customers even lean on our technicians’ advice and experience to troubleshoot other provider’s systems.

Presence is our promise

The door should never close on a problem-solving partnership.

Because our mission is to understand your site, your challenges and your neighbors as well as you do, we show up.

Need someone there now? We’ll put a technical team on your site within 24 to 48 hours. We guarantee it.

3 reasons why Atmos is different

Landfill operators and remediation teams rely on Atmos to bring cost-saving options to ADC operations, stop odor and emissions and deliver solutions that save money and streamline operations.

When you work with us, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Breadth

    Every solution is custom. Atmos brings the widest range of ADC, odor neutralization and application equipment to the table in the business. And, we remove the burden of upkeep and maintenance associated with all our equipment. You only need one number in your speed dial.

  2. Depth

    You work in a technical industry, so we’ve built a team of professionals who know it front to back. We know your work, we know your sites and we know your challenges. And we know how to keep your communities happy.

  3. Reach

    When you face community complaints or threats of enforcement action, you need solutions now. Atmos supports the largest technical service team in the business, with field teams stationed across North America who can be anywhere they are called in two days or less.

Make us your environmental solution

Make us your environmental solution

To address your daily cover, odor, emissions and dust challenges, get in touch with one of our team members today.