Superior alternative daily & intermediate cover system

Atmos’ Daily Cover system lowers your costs, improves operational efficiency, preserves valuable airspace and protects your employees at the landfill.  

Atmos Cover ADC is a highly engineered system of daily cover material, using our custom-designed Morooka tracked vehicle as an applicator and a touch-panel storage and dilution center that meets all performance criteria of Subtitle D. 

The system includes: 

  • Cover material — The cover material, Atmos Cover ADC, is a non-hardening, protein-based foam that can be adjusted to last from overnight to over a weekend by changing the dilution ratio and the depth of coverage.
  • Application equipment — The Pneumatic Foam Unit (PFU) 2500 is a self-propelled, single-operator, Morooka-based application unit that will cover a large working face with a single fill in less than an hour. Smaller application equipment is available in a trailer-mounted version that is designed to meet the needs of smaller landfills.
  • Bulk storage & dilution solution — The BSD 7000 storage and dilution system is designed for bulk deliveries of Atmos Cover ADC and connects to the PFU 2500 with a single hose. The system automatically dilutes the foam concentrate and transfers the desired volume of diluted material to the PFU 2500.

See the Atmos Cover ADC in action here.

Program benefits

A turnkey solution

The Atmos setup includes foam concentrate, application equipment, bulk storage and a mixing center. It also includes complete operator training and a full preventative maintenance program.


No capital investment and no rental fees for the Atmos equipment. Overall cost is proven to be lower than other ADC solutions.

Zero lost airspace

Improves the value of the landfill by extending its useful life and maximizing the return on investment.

Superior coverage

Meets or exceeds all requirements under Subtitle D. The foam layer provides superior performance versus other products. The multi-directional spray bars ensure no gaps or shadowing for odors to escape.

Quick & easy application

Atmos Cover ADC can be applied effectively by a single trained operator — simple daily setup and no clean-up is required.

Apply in all temperatures

Improves site operations even under the harshest, coldest weather conditions. Withstands snow, moderate rainfall, extreme temperatures and wind.

Intermediate cover

For problem areas needing cover that lasts for weeks and even months, our intermediate cover systems are a perfect solution. 

Our intermediate cover produces an impermeable, flexible membrane that seals a surface and prevents the release of emissions or odors from that area. It is latex-based and, once cured, forms a continuous flexible membrane that adheres to the surface for long-term control of dust, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The product can be applied to almost any surface, including lagoons and ponds to provide long-term cover.  

Atmos’ intermediate cover products — known as our Atmos Seal 900 Series — are designed to be applied through our custom-fabricated pneumatic foam units (PFUs).  


  • Like all other Atmos products, the Atmos Seal line of products contains zero PFOS / PFAS and are completely eco-friendly. This means you can use these products with no concerns about worker exposure or ground water contamination.
  • Our product naturally repels water due to its latex composition.
  • Depending on product selection, cover can last from four weeks to six months in duration.
  • You can customize the color and scent of Atmos Seal products. 

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