Sustainable adhesives

Atmos Technologies’ products are a vital component in helping adhesives manufacturers lower production costs, improve performance and increase processing efficiencies across a wide range of applications. 

Our chemists custom-blend adhesive precursors to match end-use requirements for:

Polyurethane carpet underlayment | Oriented strand board (OSB)
Recycled rubber crumb

Polyurethane carpet underlayment

Rebond carpet padding is made from recycled material that is shredded into small pieces, processed and then bonded using a polyurethane chemical adhesive.

Atmos’ Viplex® series is commonly used as a system extender to reduce the amount of environmentally unfriendly Isocyanates. Our products are also utilized as viscosity modifiers optimizing the adhesive coating on the polyurethane crumb. This provides better adhesive strength for a tougher, longer-lasting underlayment while reducing the overall cost to produce adhesive.

A stack of various samples of foam carpet underlayment.

Rebond manufacturing is 100% recycling business using a collection of polyurethane foam scrap from the automotive and home furnishings industries. Its benefits include:

  • Turning waste streams into usable raw materials
  • Significantly reducing landfill disposal of scrap foam
  • Reducing the reliance on new foam manufacturing

Oriented strand board (OSB)

Improved manufacturing efficiency of a more sustainable construction sheathing

Oriented strand board (OSB) is an engineered construction material used for floors, roofs and walls of structures. OSB is made by gluing large wood shavings together with a polyurethane adhesive and wax under high heat and pressure. It has become a popular substitute for plywood due to its good strength and lower price.

A construction project in progress showing oriented strand board sheathing.

Atmos’ Crowlex® product line can be utilized as an adhesive system extender to optimize the spread of the adhesive across the flake board. Crowlex formulations can be customized to control viscosity and even reduce edge swell by providing moisture resistance with its natural hydrophobic properties.

Wood is the only truly renewable building material. The main challenge in the industry is that reserves of old-growth forests are depleting quickly. However, the fiber for OSB comes from younger trees and is grown in sustainable forests and tree farms. The manufacturing process uses nearly 90% of the log, with the balance used to supply energy to the mill.

Atmos’ Crowlex products can replace up to 25% of the polyurethane in an adhesive formula. It’s an environmentally friendly, lower-cost input compared to polyurethane as well as a more accessible product less prone to supply shortages.

Consistent supply from Atmos reduces production constraints, mitigates cost and enhances a producer’s profits.

Recycled rubber crumb

Sustainable tire and rubber recycling solutions to help avoid a mounting crisis

The standard vehicle tire can contain up to a gallon of oil, and an estimated 250 million tires are disposed of annually in the United States.

But landfill disposal of tires is banned in most states. As waste tire stockpiles continue to grow, the risk of harm to human and environmental health grows with them.

100% recycled rubber crumb can be used to tackle today’s pressing tire disposal challenges. End products include rubberized asphalt for street paving, playground surfaces, rubberized mulch, athletic track underlayment and speed bumps to name a few.

An athletic track made partially from recycled rubber crumb.

Atmos’ formulated blends are part of an environmental solution. They can be utilized in most polyurethane adhesives to bind the rubber crumb into useful every day applications. Our products are deployed as viscosity modifiers, diluents, extenders and processing aids needed for efficient use of rubber crumb in these applications.

In addition to improving the adhesive manufacturing process, the economic advantages of Atmos’ products are significant: Our Viplex product series can replace up to 25% of the higher-cost urethane constituent components in adhesives.

In addition, our products are much less prone to the risk of frequent shortage and allocation of other polyurethane components. Consistent supply from Atmos reduces production constraints, mitigates cost and enhances a producer’s profits.

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