Corrosion inhibiting and waterproofing

Infrastructure powers commerce, connects workers to their jobs, uplifts communities and protects us from an increasingly unpredictable natural environment.

Corrosion inhibitors and waterproofing formulas from Atmos Technologies are instrumental to the preservation of vital steel and concrete infrastructure. 

Boost efficiency and lifespan of valuable oil & gas infrastructure

Corrosion is the main culprit of oil and gas infrastructure failure. It is paramount to maintain and protect the integrity of pipeline infrastructure from being adversely affected by corrosion that leads to negative consequences to both the environment and economy.

Atmos Technologies’ Inhibitor-J® is a vital component of products formulated to preserve and extend the life of the steel used in the oil & gas field. These engineered products prevent water from degrading the steel which would limit the effectiveness and lifespan of the system.

An operator applies a corrosion inhibitor to a large steel pipe.

Atmos works closely with our customers to optimize their end formulations with the purpose of mitigating the effects of steel corrosion in their infrastructure assets.  

Atmos’ Viplex® products protect concrete infrastructure 

Below-grade waterproofing of structures, tunnels and foundations made of concrete is vital to ensuring the long-term structural integrity. Atmos’ custom-formulated Viplex product line is commonly used as an extender, viscosity modifier and process aid in urethane-based waterproofing membranes.

With their inherent hydrophobic properties and urethane compatibility, Atmos’ products are a natural fit in the formulary for below-grade waterproofing membranes.

As climate change ratchets up the intensity of storm events throughout the country and around the world, durable, long-lasting below-grade water proofing is more important than ever.

A concrete foundation is shown with partial completion of application of a waterproofing product.

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Make the most of your steel and concrete infrastructure

Learn how custom-blended corrosion inhibitors and waterproofing membrane precursors from Atmos extend the lifespan improve performance of critical infrastructure.