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Atmos Technologies is on the leading edge of seismic shifts in sustainable tire manufacturing and tire recycling.

Our products are a vital component in helping to extend the useful life of off-the-road (OTR) tires and preventing their disposal in landfills. Atmos’ custom-formulated solutions are used to reduce the cost, improve manufacturing and extend the life of flat-proof tires utilized in the construction, mining, solid waste and agriculture markets. 

A no-flat vehicle tire cut away to show its polyurethane core.

Foam-filled tires provide environmental benefits, reduce costs and increase safety

Foam-filled tires are OTR pneumatic tires filled with a polyurethane liquid pumped into a traditional pneumatic tire to form a resilient elastomer core. 

Environmental benefits

Foam-filled tires can generally be retreaded up to four times without suffering performance deterioration. This stops millions of tires from reaching landfills.

In addition, the tires can utilize up to 50% recycled rubber crumb and previous foam fill chunk. This recycling reduces the carbon footprint, emissions and the use of costly petrochemicals normally required to fill OTR tires.

A massive pile of old tires.

Cost reduction

A foam-filled tire improves on-the-job efficiency, reducing the costly downtime associated with flat or blow-out. Productivity will not be hampered by the sudden, unexpected loss of vehicles such as bulldozers, excavators and telehandlers.

When an essential vehicle sustains an unexpected flat, the entire operation can be compromised.

Worker safety

Foam-filled tires also eliminate the danger to the operator or others in the work area associated with the sudden force of a blown out tire.  An instantaneous flat could also result in a loss of control or a tip-over of equipment.

In addition, studies have proven foam-filled tire solutions provide a dramatic reduction in vibration and shock, otherwise known in personal safety as G-force transmission. High G-force transmission can cause operator injury with neurological, joint and skeletal damage. G-Force transmission also causes premature wear and tear on valuable equipment components.

These technologies are changing the game in personal safety.

The magic of Atmos Viplex®

Atmos Viplex solutions are a series of versatile, custom-blended products used in a wide variety of foam-filled tire manufacturing processes.

They’re a crucial component of leading two-part system used in tires for large tractors, dump trucks, dozers and other heavy mining or agricultural machinery. The products are custom-blended to reduce costs, boost compatibility and improve processing conditions.

Isocyanate replacements – Atmos Viplex products are formulated to replace and reduce much of the costly and environmentally unfriendly toluene di-isocyanate (TDI) that is a primary component in the A-side of a two-part system.

Polyol replacements – Atmos Viplex products are also commonly used in the B-side of the two part system, reducing the usage of more costly polyether polyols.

It is common to find Atmos’ products comprising up to 65% of the final two part system.

Some of the many benefits are:

  • Reduced cost of both the A-side and the B-side
  • Viscosity control to ensure an optimized mixing of the A and B sides during filling
  • Consistent supply from Atmos reduces production constraints driven by polyurethane raw material shortages

Viscosity modification – Viplex blends are commonly used as diluents in both parts A and B, helping to keep viscosity under control and processes running smoothly.

Whether blended as a part A/part B component or added to both parts as a diluent, our Viplex products cost less and are easier to source compared to traditional polyurethane foam precursors such as TDI and polyol.

That means you’ll run leaner and more profitably while your customers can stay in motion on the planet’s harshest terrain.

Atmos Viplex® spurs tire and rubber recycling

Tire recycling has emerged in response to the high cost of procuring new rubber and to the negative environmental impact of disposing of tires (either in landfills or via other means).

All major North American polyurethane tire fill producers rely on Atmos’ products to help reduce costs, increase production efficiency and ensure reliable foam-filling by their customers.

The results? Lower input costs, higher production rates and, consequently, higher margins for the polyurethane manufacturer, tire filler and end-user. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing performance.

Quality is guaranteed because our Viplex oils are custom-blended based on your chemistry needs and end-use requirements. We achieve this flexibility thanks to our extensive network of refining partners and the byproducts we use to manufacture these our line of specialty oils for the OTR tire market.

And because byproducts are redirected for use instead of simply burned, overall environmental stress is reduced.

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