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  • Environmentally friendly foam: Why we use it and you should, too

    It’s 4 p.m. The last truck of the day just dumped its waste and the rest of the trash has already been compacted properly, meaning your team can finally start applying daily cover. For the next three hours, four employees will drive a dozer up and down the slopes, hauling your limited supply of dirt […]

  • Watch: Applying your daily cover: Say hello to Atmos Technologies’ Morooka

    Daily cover shouldn’t be a daily struggle. Get to know our Morooka and see how quick and straightforward it is to apply Atmos’ Alternative Daily Cover to your landfill’s working face. In this video, we’ll show you:  Watch now, and request a consultation to learn how your landfill would benefit from Atmos’ alternative daily cover.

  • Watch: What’s it like working with Atmos?

    When your landfill starts working with Atmos Technologies, you’ll go through our tried-and-true four-step process. First, we’ll investigate your landfill. Then, we’ll design your solution. Next, we’ll implement it. And finally, we’ll maintain your equipment. In this video, VP of landfill solutions Paul Tuckner covers: Watch it now and get in touch to learn how […]

  • Watch: Alternative daily cover from Atmos Technologies

    While dirt is the most common type of daily cover, it isn’t the only option – nor is it always the best. Atmos’ Daily Cover system is a cost-effective, foam-based alternative that helps landfills tackle their pressing daily cover challenges. But what exactly is it? In this video, regional account manager Jared Watson explains: Watch […]

  • Watch: Field service from Atmos Technologies

    Atmos Technologies’ service techs pride themselves on their quick response times. But their ability to get their customers back up and running within 48 hours isn’t the only factor that sets Atmos’ field service apart from the crowd. In this video, field service director Daniel Miller covers: Watch it now and get in touch to […]