The Atmos Leachate Treatment System, an alternative way to manage your leachate

Stop paying high transportation and disposal fees on your leachate. Repurpose it for something greater. The Atmos Leachate Treatment System (ALTS) filters out contaminants to leave you with clean water for reuse or disposal.

Here’s how it works:

The ALTS consists of three modules that fit inside a 40-foot container, plus two exterior skids that each measure 20 feet by 6 feet. In total, you’ll need a space that measure 60 feet by 60 feet.

Each module uses different technologies to filter out contaminants, starting with larger suspended and dissolved solids, and ending with finer contaminants such as VOCs, SVOCs and PFOS/PFAS. Depending on the leachate amount you produce and your cleanliness requirements, you can add or subtract modules as needed.

After circulating through the system, the clean water goes into a storage tank. From there, it’s ready for direct discharge or an on-site water application.


Turnkey solution

You provide the power and space for the system, and we’ll provide the rest. This includes set up, testing, commissioning, preventative maintenance and operations. You won’t need to hire any additional employees to run your ALTS — this is a true turnkey solution.


This pay-as-you go system only charges for each gallon of leachate we successfully treat. No capital investments. No rental fees. And eliminates other costs, like POTW charges, trucking expenses and your city water bill.


When you clean leachate onsite, you don’t have to ship it to a treatment facility hundreds of miles away. This insulates your landfill against trucking costs, logistical risks, fees and more. With the ALTS, you’ll take control of your leachate.


By separating contaminants from your leachate, you’ll have clean water you can reuse for washing trucks, land applications, dust control, the Atmos Cover ADC and more — reducing your reliance on city water.

Regulatory changes

Because Atmos owns, operates and maintains the equipment, we can update the system to comply with evolving regulations. For example, as PFAS restrictions tighten, we can ensure your landfill stays compliant with current contamination guidelines.


  • Treats between 20,000 and 70,000 gallons of leachate per day
  • Combines different technologies — ultra filtration, nano filtration, reverse osmosis and a polishing stage that separate contaminants down to .0001 microns — to remove contaminants like PFOS/PFAS, VOCs, BOD, TDS and TSS from your raw leachate

What will you do with your leachate?

If you think your landfill would benefit from the Atmos Leachate Treatment System, request a consultation. During that first 10-minute call, we’ll discuss:

  • Your leachate. How much are you producing? How contaminated is it? What are you currently doing to manage it?
  • Your goals. What do you hope to do with the recycled water? What contaminant requirements or specifications do you need your leachate to meet for your intended use?
  • Next steps. From there, if your landfill is a good candidate for the ALTS, we’ll schedule a site visit, go over what you can expect from us and get started on the 12-week design and implementation process.


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