Dust Control Products

Control dust with one durable, environmentally safe product

AtmosTac is a high-performance and environmentally safe dust and erosion control product. When applied to the surface or mixed in with any soil or other aggregate, it will penetrate the material to create a tough layer of protection.

Upon drying, AtmosTac binds the material’s particles together by forming a clear, plastic and resin bond. Increasing the concentration of AtmosTac can create a highly durable surface that will be hard enough to minimize surface damage and withstand heavy traffic.

Additional benefits of AtmosTac:

  • AtmosTac is a proprietary blend of polymers that use proven long-chain nanotechnology to form complex bonds at the microscopic level between aggregates.
  • AtmosTac is used for dust control at sanitary and ash landfills, remediation sites and construction sites. It can also be used for embankment stabilization and erosion control. 
  • AtmosTac can be applied with any equipment capable of spraying water. One application can last up to one year and eliminates the need for repeated watering.
  • AtmosTac is biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive and UV resistant. It is safe for humans, animals, marine life and vegetation.
  • AtmosTac dries clear but dyes can be added for color. It ships as a liquid concentrate and is easily diluted with fresh or saltwater.

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