Built tough for tough landscapes

A self-propelled turnkey solution for large applications 

The Morooka-based Pneumatic Foam Unit (PFU) 2500 is a rugged, tracked vehicle built to traverse any working face’s rugged landscape, including the difficult, trash-laden slopes of most landfills. Click here to see it in action.

This self-contained foam-generating system is designed for large applications, including daily cover at solid waste landfills or large remediation projects.

Streamlined manpower and increased efficiency

This workhorse features Atmos’ proprietary foam-generating system. Our system’s flexible design offers foam cover application through two points: a front-mounted, automated turret system or rear-mounted, 12-foot-wide spray bars. And though the task might be dirty, the climate-controlled cab provides operators with superior safety and comfort while getting the job done. 

When the PFU 2500 is used with the Atmos Bulk Storage & Dilution System (BSD), it becomes a one-person operation. This reduces labor costs without sacrificing quality.


  • Heavy-duty Morooka base 
  • Front turret and rear spray bars
  • Atmos’ proprietary foam generating system 
  • Designed to operate with Atmos’ BSD 7000 
  • Freeze protected


  • Solution tank: 2,500 gallons
  • Engine: Cat® C-7 engine
  • Coverage rate: 400-800 square feet per minute
  • Size: 29’6” L x 8’6” W x 10’9” H 
  • Weight: 40,000 pounds
  • Freeze protection: 120VAC 0r 230VAC, 30A, single-phase

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