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From sunrise to sunset, solid waste landfills are bustling operations. The constant pressure to stay on task, minimize delays and keep a low profile for neighboring communities can strain labor and machinery.

Atmos Technologies assists landfill operators by delivering products and service designed to make your job more effective and efficient, while minimizing complaints.

A tracked machine applying aqueous foam cover over a landfill working face.

Cost-effective waste management solutions

Efficiency is key to running a profitable landfill operation. Our solutions provide the best value for cover, odor and dust control. This results in lower labor costs and fewer community complaints while also preserving valuable airspace.

Our products include:

Our team of on-call expert technicians provides routine, on-site assessments to identify the best solutions for your operational concerns, budget and unique circumstances. They’re also specialists in the installation and maintenance of Atmos custom-fabricated application systems.

Garbage trucks dumping trash inside an enclosed transfer station.

Improve community relations

Solid waste landfills and transfer stations can be a source of tension for surrounding communities. Addressing their concerns from a community-focused mindset is key. 

The most common complaints voiced by neighbors involve odor and dust. Our full suite of products successfully combats these issues on a daily basis. Atmos provides:

  • Odor neutralizers
  • Misting & vapor systems
  • Multiple methods for dust reduction from the transfer operations
  • Air modeling studies to aid in optimizing solutions

A spray-type mist odor/vapor control system actively treating a landfill's working face.

Custom solutions for your most difficult problems

We understand that no two sites are the same. In fact, many operations require custom solutions to address their unique concerns and situations. We offer on-site consultations to make sure we can properly recommend the Atmos systems to combat even the most challenging problems.

We can help you improve operations, reduce labor costs and ultimately foster a better relationship with your local community. Just click below or call 610-436-4314.

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