A portable, versatile foam-generating system

Our foam-generating systems are self-contained and portable

Our foam-generating systems are built to handle even the most rugged terrain and weather conditions. The Pneumatic Foam Unit (PFU) 400 is ideal for remediation projects, dredging operations and hazardous waste sites, as well as odor containment at small landfills. Freeze protection enables outdoor storage and year-round use in any climate.

Thanks to its versatility, the PFU 400 can be towed easily to the location of concern. And its quick start-up time delivers immediate emissions control.

In short: less hassle, faster solutions.

Ready to use

The PFU 400 has everything you need to stop emissions at the source: a built-in air compressor, electric hose reel, 200 feet of hose, a 400-gallon storage tank and our proprietary foam-generating system. 


  • Durable, rugged construction
  • 400-gallon solution tank 
  • Freeze protected


  • Solution tank: 400 gallons
  • Coverage rate: 270 square feet per minute at 3” depth
  • Size: 14’5” L x 8’5” W x 6’4” H
  • Dry weight: 8,200 pounds
  • Hose: 200’ x 1.5” diameter
  • Freeze protection: 120VAC, 30A, single-phase

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