Odor control you can move anywhere on your landfill

Control odor at its source

You can easily move our Portable Odor Control Fan System around your site. And we designed this system to be able to be placed either upwind or downwind from the odor source. 

This means you can bring the fan system to the source of your odor — and stop it in its tracks. 

Portable, versatile & resilient

These systems are built on heavy-duty agricultural trailers with high ground clearance to withstand the difficult terrains presented by landfills. Because you can move the fan system anywhere on site, you can position it to give the utmost protection against odor complaints.  

Reduced labor. Increased efficiency.

Each system can be customized with programmable timers for efficient protection against various odor sources. And the large tank size allows for an eight- to 10-hour run time — which means less equipment downtime and lower labor costs. 

You can also optimize your system to run only when needed and reduce chemical usage. This allows you to address your site’s odor complaints without spending unnecessary money.


  • Diesel powered
  • Single or double fans
  • Able to run in freezing climates
  • Injection pump allows dilution control


  • Fan rating: 20,000 CFM
  • Nozzles: Minimum of 24 per fan
  • Generator: 6,500 watt
  • Water tank: 500- to 2,000-gallon tank

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