Stop the endless cycle of equipment maintenance.

Empower your staff to accomplish more.

Save space to extend landfill lifespan.

Michigan landfill slashes time spent on
daily cover requirements by 90+%

New foam alternative daily cover product and application equipment from Atmos helped one of Detroit’s largest landfills turn a 20-hour marathon into a 90-minute sprint.

Reduce equipment wear
and maintenance

machines working in landfill covering waste

Traditional topsoil daily cover requires a loader, a dozer and a dump truck at a minimum. Daily heavy use takes a serious toll.

How often is your machinery down for maintenance? Are repair costs piling up? Can you afford an unplanned capital equipment expense?

Alternative daily cover from Atmos requires just one machine, allowing operators to re-deploy legacy equipment — or take it off the balance sheet entirely.

Even better, we own and maintain the application equipment so all you’ll ever pay is a chemical usage fee.

machines working in landfill covering waste

Save labor hours and
re-deploy your staff

worker covering waste with foam

It takes at least three operators several hours a day to open and close collection cells and haul topsoil from pit to working face.

Other landfill cover products are lackluster, too. Landfill tarps are more labor-intensive, not less. Chemical coverage solutions are often dangerous to the environment.

Atmos only formulates non-PFAS/PFOS aqueous foam for landfill daily and final cover. It’s easy to apply, requiring just one operator and a couple hours of work at most.

If good fiscal stewardship and meeting your daily cover needs are in constant conflict, alternative daily cover can free your work force to tackle more projects while saving money in the process.

worker covering waste with foam

Make the most of limited air space

machine spraying landfill covering

Landfill capacity in North America is dwindling. Even so, opening new collection cells takes longer and longer as operators fight their way through red tape.

Every six inches of air space wasted on topsoil coverage brings you six inches closer to no more room.

Foam alternative daily cover from Atmos works just as well — and usually better — than topsoil, taking up just a fraction of the space in comparison.

The clock won’t stop ticking. Buy time and save space to extend the life of your landfill.

machine spraying landfill covering

Make life easier for you and your landfill operators

Learn how comprehensive daily cover and odor control equipment from Atmos Technologies can save you time and money.

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