An environmentally friendly, non-toxic leachate treatment

Atmos’ leachate management system is a powerful bioaugmentation product that accelerates the biological removal of nutrients from leachate.

How does Atmos’ leachate management system work?

Our non-toxic leachate treatment rapidly reduces ammonia nitrogen content in landfill leachate. It achieves this through a proprietary composite biocatalyst that optimizes a broad range of hydrolytic, oxidative and reductive biochemical reactions. This novel consortium of metabolically cooperative microorganisms is all-natural and non-genetically modified.

Streamline disposal and save money

Often, waste management companies will spend tens of thousands of dollars each week to safely dispose of their landfill leachate. Factors such as organic load and pollutant concentration can exponentially increase these costs.

Our product lowers the organic load discharged to Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTWs). It also improves the overall leachate quality by reducing BOD, COD and TSS.

This increases site efficiency while cutting surcharges and freight costs.


  • Increases treatment capacity, improves leachate stability and reduces sludge production
  • Advance application can pre-treat leachate in collection systems 
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Meets POTW requirements
  • Rapid ammonia reduction

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