It's true. You can control and neutralize landfill odors.

Let’s face it. The foul smells a landfill can generate stink.

What stinks more? Odors that waft into nearby communities, anger neighbors and put your operating permit at risk.

No matter where your landfill is located, Atmos Technologies offers a broad line of odor control products designed to be used in any climate, any season and any situation.

If you’re ready to contain foul odors and keep on your neighbor’s good side, fill out the form to get in touch or scroll on to learn more.

Neutralize odors and pollutants at their source.

Build and preserve better community relations.

Equipment included in one simple chemical usage fee.

Odor control regimen helps Detroit landfill complete critical upgrade

The Riverview Land Preserve had a conundrum: A gas collection well replacement project triggered the release of odors that made their way offsite. Neighbors complained, but the work couldn’t be put on hold. The solution? A tailored intervention that stopped odors at the source.

Customize odor control to your site and circumstances


Do widespread odors warrant a widespread intervention? Deploy a permanent misting system around your perimeter.

Need to spot-treat multiple odor sources? Portable tow-behind systems let you deliver precise doses of odor neutralizer when and where you need it.

Need a solution NOW? Our competition only builds equipment after you call. Why wait weeks or months when Atmos keeps odor control equipment in stock and ready to ship today?

Odor control has never been this flexible.


Life is easier when your neighbors are happy

A spray-type mist odor/vapor control system actively treating a landfill's working face.

Suburban sprawl puts more and more people downwind of your landfill.

The smells that no one smelled 10 years ago are today an existential risk: If neighbor complaints go unaddressed, authorities could hand down fines, or worse — put you out of business.

When you work with Atmos, you work with the only nationwide network of odor control professionals whose methodical approach ensures your neighbor relations stay neighborly.

A spray-type mist odor/vapor control system actively treating a landfill's working face.

Chemical usage fee covers ALL costs

Often, landfills don’t implement odor control until they need it.

And when they need it, they need it fast.

But that makes it tough on the budget. With all available capital dollars spoken for, there’s probably no room to add odor control without cutting something else just as critical.

That’s why Atmos only charges a chemical usage fee that covers the cost of equipment. And because we maintain ownership of the hardware, we maintain it, too. Preventative maintenance visits occur monthly.

“They’re all very helpful. If I can’t get a hold of one, I’ll call another and they’re just as helpful and friendly as the first guy. So they really have been great, the customer service is there.”

- Riverview Land Preserve Operations Manager Kevin Sisk