Kevin Sisk: It’s changed quite a few things that we’ve done. So before, we would have to start hauling dirt right before lunch, right after lunch. I mean, it would be several hours. Four or five hours of just hauling dirt.

That was a big factor as well because our borrow pit — it’s not miles away, but it is a good hike. It’s a good clip to get soil out of so it takes some time. Whereas our impacted soils are on the hill, it’s shorter. Half the distance, if not more.

So just in man hours and machine hours, we went from, say, 20 hours. Say 20 hours down to an hour and a half.

The cost savings we have is in machine hours involved in this whole system. So, we don’t see it on the man-hour front. It’s kind of a break-even there. But it’s on the machine hours. It’s huge.

In turn, it’s allowed us to catch up on other things that may have been lacking in the past as far as smaller projects because we’re not hauling dirt all day. It’s allowed us to be a little more proactive on things.